Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is a part buy/part rent scheme, where you buy a share in the property and pay rent on the share you don’t own. It is designed as a stepping stone for first time buyers looking to completely own their own home.

Guide to Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is a government-backed scheme for people who are unable to afford to buy a home at full market value.

Eligibility Check

Eligibility for Shared Ownership will vary depending on which development you are looking at purchasing. Check to see if you are eligible.

Purchase Process

We have detailed each individual step of the Shared Ownership purchasing journey to help first time buyers understanding of the purchasing process.

Mortgage Advisers and Solicitors

When you buy a Shared Ownership home, you will need to speak to a Mortgage Adviser and appoint a Solicitor preferably with Shared Ownership experience.

Guide to Resales

Resale properties are homes that a current owner bought through Shared Ownership and now wishes to sell on.


Find out about Peabody Shared Ownership allocation criteria.

More information about Shared Ownership

For more information about being a leaseholder and to find out about buying more shares in your home (staircasing) and how to sell a Shared Ownership home, visit our leaseholder section.